This is my last post.

Yes dudes, I know. It's sad and I am the saddest of all. Especially because I feel like I let you down. You won't see me again on that blog, won't laugh of my bad jokes and foolish humor. You won't get some strange news or thoughts about facebook/myspace/youtube/google.... You won't read that bad English filled with French formulations and grammatical mistakes. You will miss all that.. (or not).

But, on the other hand, that's a great news. Because, it mean I finally can retire once and for all. Last week, my government changed its mind about my retirement pension and finally decided I was eligible for it. So I can start a new life doing nothing and be paid for it.

I can't really explain why they suddenly change sides. My lawyer could but it will let me penniless to bring him in this blog so you can have a clue about what happened. The administration of my country is so illogical sometimes, I feel like a hero of a novel of Kafka. But illogical I am too, to spit in the hand that will feed me.

I guess I had too much resentment about what happened and the long years of battle to have they acknowledge my rights have deprived me with of the usual thankfulness people get educated for.

Oh, I am lucky boy now. I won't earn much but I am used to it. I will have real spare time, I would be glad to use on that new passion of mine : Internet. Since I am a geek now, I could spend all my time till I die, exploring the virtual world. Great program isn't it ? Much more cool than starting playing bridge or knitting nightcaps for the grandchildren I don't have.

Before leaving you forever, readers and passersby, I would like to thanks Delconsulting for the opportunity it gave me to become a freelancer blogger for a while. It opened so much my perspectives about technology, Internet and all that stuffs (most of them stupid and useless in my opinion yet so much fun) that hang out on the web.

I have been recruited by Delconsulting, thanks to my daughter's commitment to support her poor father and thanks to some director's mis-seeing my daughters' charms. During a little bit more than 2 years, they gave me the chance to discover a new universe that really changed my world.

I deeply immersed myself in the web and in the job of being a freelancer. I found out so many websites and amusing stuffs, and moreover I had the pleasure to entertain you buddies with my discovering.

I am leaving the net now.

Hoping to see you in the life 2.0 (if there is one)