I don't know if you've read this book but I am currently reading it and it's pretty good actually. It's called the No Asshole Rule, and Robert Sutton, a guy with a brain, wrote it.

Bob just put out something everyone of us knows. Offices and all business places are full of assholes. But he goes further, saying how to recognize certified ones, explaining how much they cost to companies, telling you how to get rid of them or make do with them.. and so on. It's the perfect guide to read if you have identified a specimen in the next cubicle.

You can find the full pitch on Amazon and many other blogs such has this one, this one or this one

Your pal Google will lead you as well to many press releases on the subject.

As you can see, I am saving you the reading of the very bad review I would make about this excellent book If I dared write something. I am not good about writing positive things. Trying to think over how I should praise this work saying something you don't already know is such a pain to me. Neither you nor me need a headache, right ?

But the thing is I do have something to say about this book : it doesn't apply if you are a freelancer working on your own.

Well it does apply if you a stupid clients that drives you to hell. But we've seen they all are built in the same mold. You can't complain about clients being assholes, it's damn too easy.

If you are a freelancer, you don't have colleagues nor boss. So how can you be confronted with assholes ? You can't.

Unless you are your own asshole.

As a freelancer, you can treat yourself like a piece of shit if you want. I sometimes do. You can unfairly blame yourself for the poor work you did. You can intimidate yourself to make the job quicker. You can ignore yourself as a human being. You can push yourself to work too much when there is no need to. You can even send you flamming emails to make you remember things you've got to do.

Yes, there is a lot of ways to disrespect yourself. You know what I am talking about.

So, if you want to apply the no asshole rule as a freelancer, you should fired the asshole in you. The one who yells at you while you just want to play videogames.

How can you get rid of him ? I will tell you when I find the proper way. For the moment, I have to suffer his fury for having let you known his existence.

What about you ? What did the asshole in you did to you ?