Last night, I was wondering why I had chosen as an url for this blog. In my odd memory, I couldn't remember...

Then, I started wondering about good and bad domains names. And finally I was lead by the old salad that serves as a brain in my head to "what could be the worst domains names".. (don't ask me why I jumped to this topic, I wouldn't be able to answer you neither), and surprisingly I did found a lot of information on the subject. There is a large community of people searching for bad domain names. And let me tell you, they have a great fun doing this.

Here is a few samples I found here or here and I particularly like:

- You like to go in Spain for holidays ? Then please

- The Pen is powerful ? Let check :

- Well you have to think twice when you have are ready to book an url with pen in it : The island of pens...

- If you want to find a therapist for that problem of booking stoopid domain names of course.

- Even the Mac magazine can play the game :

And so on. I continued my investigation on the subject to discover there were hundreds of them. It's nearly a science to find so bad domains names.

There are for example the worst movie domain names. I also found out that people are ready to spend fortunes for stupid names.

Or that people have an incredible imagination for choosing funny domains names, that some others just admit their lack of creativity. and that others can registerd anything like :

Somewhat, I feel relieved about my own url. Very classic and relevant in the end.